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2015 Gala Celebration  -  Our 22nd Anniversary

October 1, 2015

Three groups were honored for their volunteer service over the past year:

UB School of Pharmacy, directed by Dr. Gina Prescott.   Her team of pharmacists, residents and students have served faithfully at Good Neighbors for the past eight years.  They have provided assistance to patients who have questions about their medications, and also helping those who need assistance in applying for financial aid for expensive medications.

Trocaire College - School of Nursing has many volunteers who assist the Baby and Children's Ministry by sorting donations of clothing, and working directly with clients helping them select their clothes for the children.  They have also donated clothing and accessories for the children.   Lupe Pena, Director of the Baby and Children's Ministry is shown thanking two nursing student volunteers.


Canisius College Service Learning  - Dr. Allyson Backstrom organizes several Pre-Med students from Canisius, who volunteer their time at New Hope Education Center to prepare perspective students in the nursing programs for their entrance exams, and also to help students as the course materials are presented.   Carol Murphy, Director of New Hope is shown thanking Dr. Backstrom and the student volunteers.