In Memory of Gary Tatu.

Rest in Peace.


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"In the beginning...." Good Neighbors Health Care began with Primary Medical care on November 4, 2004 about 2 years after the seed was planted, and approximately one year of planning once the building was procured. We had one doctor, one nurse practitioner, and a handful of eager, dedicated volunteers, each of whom learned several positions and filled in wherever the biggest need was at a given time. We had 3 small exam rooms, donated supplies from clinics which had closed and very little else in terms of resources except the most important one of all~ each of us had a strong sense of God's calling to this ministry and a willingness to obey His Call. Our trust did not go unrewarded.  In return for our "Yes" to Him, we have the great privilege of serving in a community where many have become our friends. We have watched God's provision through His faithful ones turn our tiny 'corner' of a clinic into about 5 thousand square feet of incredible working space. We have grown from offering medical care 3 hours a week, to adding vision, chiropractic, dental, counseling and advocacy services, and being open 3 half days per week ~ all provided without a single paid staff member!  And we see His Hand in all of it, every time the doors are opened. We anticipate and prepare for the days when more services and more hours are added, until we are open 6 days a week. 


All of our providers are Board Certified, with many years of experience. Good Neighbors Health Care offers basic primary medical care, including clinical diagnosis and treatment for disease states, mental and spiritual health counseling, health & nutrition education, & referrals to outside agencies. Additionally, we have a small Lab which allows us to do basic testing to help with diagnoses in the office. We can test for diabetes, anemia, pregnancy, urinary tract infections, asthma, mono, strep throat, and stool blood.  We have an ultrasound machine on premises, with a certified sonographer. We also have nebulizers, tubing and a supply of Albuterol to help treat asthma; suture kits for small lacerations and suture removal kits; ear irrigation equipment for impacted ear wax, and fluorescein strips/ blue light for eye abrasions. We do carry PPD tests, which many people need for work physicals.

Regrettably, due to the high volume of patients seen on the days we are open, we DO NOT offer pre-employment, school &/or sports physicals. We exist primarily to help the uninsured in our community, and all children under the age of 19 are guaranteed health insurance by NYS. Because we are able to see a limited number of patients each session, we feel it is important that we maintain the availability of our providers for the uninsured.

We believe in a holistic approach to health care. This means we treat the whole person by addressing not only the physical needs of patients, but also their social, emotional and spiritual needs. Compassionate spiritual care and prayer are offered but not pushed on anyone.

We do have facilitated enrollers at each session to help people get health insurance for themselves & their children.

We do not carry vaccines, but offer referrals to agencies that provide these free of charge, as well as many other agencies who can help where we cannot (without cost), such as for addictions, PAP tests, mammograms, pregnancy care, STD & HIV testing, and smoking cessation classes.

Additionally, we have a network of specialty providers who have agreed to see Good Neighbors' patients in their private offices for free or a very low fee. These specialties include: ophthalmology, surgery, gynecology, dermatology, podiatry, endocrinology, otolaryngology (ears, nose & throat), allergy, and gastroenterology.

Several area pharmacies offer $4 prescriptions for generic drugs. As often as is appropriate, we write for these medications for affordability reasons. (We do not have narcotics or other controlled substances on the premises, nor do we prescribe them.)

We also have an agreement with Erie County Medical Center to provide significantly discounted blood work for our patients on a sliding scale basis according to income, and are working on forming agreements with other area hospitals to provide free or discounted services to those we serve.