In Memory of Gary Tatu.

Rest in Peace.


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March 2013 - We received our Certificate of Occupancy and the furniture and finishing touches went into place in the new classrooms.   On March 11, the students in Adult Ed began to fill the new classrooms!

Our first student arrived at the newly opened lobby on March 11, 2013.

The LPN Classroom is fully alive on day one!

On April 19, 2013, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the New Hope Education Center included several dignitaries:  Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples Stokes, Assemblyman Mickey Kearns and State Senator Tim Kennedy.   We are happy to receive their enthusiasm and support for the expansion of the education center.

In June 2013, the LPN Class Graduated at Harvest House

New Hope Education - JoAnn at the Reception Desk

Divine Mercy Chapel Dedication -- April 8, 2013:   The photo above shows artist Diane Hays, Most Rev. Richard Malone-Bishop of Buffalo, with Linda and Gary Tatu.  Private donors commissioned the artist to paint the Image of Divine Mercy, with the inscription: "Jesus, I Trust in You", in honor of their deceased mother and father.

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You may have heard talk about Harvest House wanting to expand and make the New Hope Education Center larger.  Here is a brief summary of monthly highlights from the past:  Click here to see an overview of the planned expansion of New Hope Education Center. 

  • January 2013 --    More and more features are being finished.   Wall covering, trim and doors are installed.  We are closing in on the date for the educators to be moving in and for the classes to begin!   On January 18, Mayor Byron Brown and Assemblyman Mickey Kearns visited the expansion project site, and Linda and Gary Tatu were happy to receive their support and enthusiasm for the nearly finished project.    (click here)

  • Fundraising efforts are critical to the project and to the future of Harvest House.  Please consider making a donation, or sending this request to friends who may be able to help us reach our goal.   
  • Click on the Donate button on the upper right ... and Thank You for spreading the word that we need support!   Also, there is a list of Foundations below to whom we owe our "Thanks" for their support.

Furniture is being moved in to the carpeted classroom.

  • December 2012  --  The finishing touches are beginning this month.  A problem remains in getting the necessary power line and power pole for the new classrooms to get all the heat we need.   The line crews are still helping out the people who are suffering from "Sandy" over the past month.  We wish them success.
A new set of entrance doors have been installed as the finishing work continues inside the facility.

  • November 2012 --  The home stretch!  The construction is moving into the finishing touches of the classrooms as seen in the photo below.  However, the damaging storm on the East Coast has put a wrinkle in getting heat into the building.   A new power pole is needed on our property, and the crews are still working on Long Island getting our neighbors back in business.   As soon as we get heat, our flooring and wall coverings can be installed.    Take a look at many more photos of the project in our Photo Gallery by using the link on the right.    

  • Please scroll down to see more photos and summaries from the past months. 
  • October 2012 --  Taking Shape!   It's like watching a flower begin to open so we can see a hint of what's to come!  The school rooms are now framed and the project is moving forward at a good pace.      

  • September 2012 --  Progress continues!   Outside, the heating units have been installed upon the roof of the building.   Inside, dry wall is being installed and the classrooms and labs are all taking shape!  Check out the photo gallery to the right.
  • August 2012  -- Buffalo News report on the expansion project  read more
  • July 2012  --  The building permits were issued just in time for the 4th of July.  Let the construction begin!! The interior walls are the first order of business.
  • May - June 2012  -- While the building permits are being reviewed and details are being provided, preparations are continuing for the various materials and appointments for the new, expanded education center.   The capital campaign has been announced to over 1,500 people who have supported Harvest House in the past and also new, potential supporters.   Individual donations are beginning to come in, and we are thankful for this new funding.   We still have a long way to go to close the gap, and if you are able to help, please help us today.
  • April 2012 -- Work is beginning to prepare the surface of the floor in the warehouse.  The warehouse is nearly empty and the contractor is beginning to brick-up openings:  garage doors, windows, etc.   Five storage trailers have been filled with furniture and equipment that will be used in the new school.

The photos above show the old garage door being permanently bricked-up as work continues.   The photo on the right shows the inside of the warehouse .... cleaned out!!  If you ever saw it with the thousands of items in it, this would be a surprise.   Where did it all go?   The items we are using in the expanded school went in to five, 40 foot storage containers; the rest was sold, donated to non-profits or given to the Nicaragua Mission.   We never thought we would see this day!

Watch for more updates here as the project hits more milestones.   More financial support is needed and fundraising activities are continuing in 2012.  On March 20th, we were advised that we will not receive a grant from the Junior League Showhouse Funds (we were one of two finalists) .... so please keep Harvest House in your prayers for more opportunities from other foundations and supporters.

Due to the generosity of several foundations, we are more than half way to our goal!  We are grateful for the financial support and the confidence expressed by the following sponsors:   the John R. Oishei Foundation;  the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo;  the Patrick P. Lee Foundation;  the Robert J. Stransky Foundation; Margaret L. Wendt Foundation, Julia M. Cullen Foundation,  M&T Charitable Foundation, First Niagara Foundation, Key Bank Foundation, Gannet Foundation, Penfold Foundation, Elsi P. and Lucas B. McGowan Foundaion, Coneusfest for Charity, Christos Foundation, Telecom Pioneers, McLain Foundation, Mulroy Family Foundation, Robert and Patricia Colby Foundation, Carlos and Elizabeth Heath Foundation, Vogt Foundation. Donations towards this project have also been received from Delaware North, New Frontiers in TBI, Creditors Interchange, Lawley Service and hundreds of our wonderful friends and supporters.  Of course the project's success is contingent on Harvest House being able to raise the remaining funds, but we do not feel God would get us this far if it wasn't His will. 

Project Scope:   The New Hope Education Center is to be enlarged from 5,000 square feet to 17,000 square feet.  By renovating the center's warehouse, New Hope will increase the classroom capacity from 240 students to more than 800 students.  The Baby and Children's Ministry, which sees more and more children each year, has outgrown its facilities on Seneca Street,  and will be moved to the larger space currently occupied by the education center.  Not only will its new location give the clients a more comfortable experience and increase the rack and storage space for donations, it will also make it easier for families to take advantage of the free medical services at Good Neighbors Health Care and the education services at New Hope Education Center.  The education center will also have offices for ancillary services that may be of service to the Baby and Children's Ministry clients and space for parenting classes.  Classroom space will also be available to Good Neighbors Health Care to hold classes.  The possibilities are endless and exciting!


  • March 2012
The project moves forward with the continued preparation of the warehouse ... that is, getting it empty and ready for the new classrooms.  Here is a photo of the site and more activity can be seen by clicking on this link ... more photos
  • February 2012
Some exterior work began to demolish the old loading dock, which is not needed for the operation of the New Hope Education Center.    Three more photos are available via this link  Loading Dock Demo
A contract has been signed with Silvestri architects for the final plans for construction.
  • January 2012:   The City of Buffalo Planning Board unanimously approved the plans.  That same week, some work began at the site to take down old, interior walls to make way for the new classrooms and shops.  View more photos from the gallery posted on the right.

History:   On May 7, 2007, New Hope Education Center, a facility for students 21 years and older, opened with one GED class of six students and was open 3 hours a day.  By the end of 2011, the education center is open five days a week and has classes mornings, afternoons and evenings.   Courses offered are chosen carefully with priority given to those that ultimately lead to jobs.  In New Hope's short history, 287 students have received a degree or certificate for Licensed Practical Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant, or Personal Care Aid.  The Medical Office Assistant  class has graduated 124 students, and 63% of the pre-collegiate students have enrolled in college and 46 students have received their GED. Enrollment in 2012 continues to grow in all areas of study.

Please keep this project in your prayers as Harvest House seeks the remaining funding and signs up more education providers. 

Let us not grow weary of doing good; if we do not relax our efforts,

in due time we shall reap our harvest. Galatians 6:9