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Overview:  BOCES Board of Cooperative Educational Services is a public education collaborative in New York State that functions as an extension of local school districts.  BOCES is able to provide services that school districts may not be able to offer on their own.  By offering these services collaboratively, costs are shared with other school districts.  The function of BOCES is to provide shared services to component schools in a manner that is effective, efficient, and fosters equity for students. Currently Boces offers Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN), Certified Nurse Aid (CNA), Personal Care Aide (PCA), and Home Health Aide (HHA), classes at New Hope.   Please see below for a course description.


Licensed Practical Nursing:  This twelve month program provides the knowledge and skills necessary for entry in the nursing profession.  Successful completion of this program will allow students to take the State Licensing Exam for Practical Nursing.  Nursing theory and skills are taught in practical nursing classrooms, and are reinforced with laboratory practice and clinical experience in health care agencies.  Between classroom instruction and clinical practice, classes meet four days per week.


Admission Requirements:

·        A high school diploma or equivalency diploma

·        Scored well on the pre-admission exam

·        Two work-related references

·        A pre-admission interview

·        A physical examination indicating the student is in good health and has current immunizations which is required by the start of the program


                                                       Expected Expenses

Estimated Fees:

·        Exam Fee:  $20

·        Program Deposit:  $100

·        Total Estimated Tuition and Fees for the year:  $8,500

Other Estimated Expenses:

·        Books:  $600

·        Uniforms (2 outfits)  $150

·        Clinical Shoes:  $60

·        Stethoscope and Kit:  $60

·        Watch with second hand:  $25

Financial Aid:

·        Eligibility is based on the prior year's income.

·        Pell Grants

·        Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Loans

·        Parent PLUS Loans

·        Other funding may be available through local social service agencies


Certified Nurse Aide Training Program:  CNA training is a great first step in the health-care field.  The CNA is the "eyes and ears" or nurses and doctors.  Become a CNA is also a good idea for someone interested in the nursing field but not sure which path to take.  A CNA job will set you on the fast track to a quality career in the medical field.  There are excellent employment opportunities in Western New York for individuals that are certified as Nursing Assistants.  Learn the skills necessary to care for patients' needs such as: feeding, dressing, and bathing.  Medical terminology, safety, body mechanics, and communication skills are stressed.  Students received 90 hours of instruction in the classroom/laboratory and 40 hours of clinical experience.  This is an hourly program and excellent attendance is required for completion.


Tuition:  $950*

   *This does notinclude an exam fee

NYS Exam Fee:  $115


·        Uniform

·        Shoes

·        Watch with a second hand


·        Pre-Entrance Exam

·        Physical Exam

·        Up to date immunizations

·        Tuberculosis test

·        Hepatitis immunizations (recommended)

Duration:  8-week course


Aide services are provided, as indicated by the medical orders, for patients requiring assistance with health care tasks, personal care, and household services.


Personal Care Aides (PCA):  PCA's provide patient assistance with nutritional and environmental support and personal hygiene, feeding, or dressing and may provide select health related tasks as an extension to self-directed patients.  Personal Care Aides must possess a current certificate from a training program recognized by the New York State Department of Health.  PCA's will provide services under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.


Home Health Aides (HHA):  HHA's will carry out health care tasks under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.  HHA's provide assistance with personal hygiene, housekeeping, and other related supportive tasks to a patient with health care needs in their home.  Home Health Aides must successfully complete a basic training program in Home Health Aide Services or an equivalent exam approved by the Department of Health.