In Memory of Gary Tatu.

Rest in Peace.


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A tribute to Gary Tatu


Linda & Gary Tatu - Co-Founders  (716) 825-0929  [email protected] 

Carol Murphy - President
(716) 855-0654  [email protected]

Tom Koch - Director, Good Neighbors Health Care  
(716) 856-2400  [email protected]
Scott Crowe - Maintenance  (716) 825-0929

GuadalupĆ© PeƱa - Director, Baby & Children's Ministry  (716) 824-7818  [email protected]

Joanne Reczka - Administrative Assistant  (716) 825-0929 [email protected]

Lynn Ryan - Dental Coordinator  (716) 856-2400  [email protected]

Jolanda Clark - Assistant, Baby & Children's Ministry

Marissa Sims, MSW - Community Health Specialist - [email protected]


The dedicated core group of individuals who receive a stipend for running Harvest House and the Harvest House Ministry Center are listed above.  

None of us would be able to do our jobs without the more than 200 volunteers who help in all aspects of the ministries!!!

Front row sitting, left to right:  Carol Murphy, Gary Tatu, Linda Tatu

Back row, left to right:  Jolanda Clark, Ellen Tucker, Scott Crowe, Lupe Pena, Joanne Reczka


Shown below is Tom Koch, Director of Good Neighbors Health Center, with his wife, Carol, a medical volunteer.