In Memory of Gary Tatu.

Rest in Peace.


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by Linda Tatu

In 1993, Gary and Linda Tatu sold their home in the suburbs to buy a derelict city church.  This book is a history of their faith journey. It is a book about sturggles and joys.  The stories range from the challenges brought on by the relentless efforts of the city to shut Harvest House down,  to the touch of God's hand lifting them up.  When questioning their decision to buy the building they asked a local priest, "How do we know how much to do ourselves and how much to leave up to God?  Where is that fine line between faith and stupidity?"  They were given the advice that has become the creed they live by.  They were told to "Work as if everything depends on you, and pray as if everything depends on God."  From malicious rumors and lies to court room trials, they have followed that creed.  This is the story of how one couple, through their belief in God, made it to "Five Years of Faith".

Authors note:  It has been 17 years now and after the initial trials things have run much smoother!  The book is a good reminder to me that God will always be there with us as long as we are doing His will.  Yes, we still try to live by the creed.


                             The book is available at all branches of the Buffalo and Erie County Library,

at Harvest House, or via mail for $10 plus $2.50 postage.