In Memory of Gary Tatu.

Rest in Peace.


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 Our 23rd Anniversary - Annual Gala Celebration was a huge success!

Thank you to our marvelous donors and all who participated in this event!

Thank You to our Generous Sponsors:
M & T Bank,         Thomann Asphalt,         Eastern Services LLC

Nearly 250 guests attended our most successful fundraiser.

Opening Invocation from Father Paul Steller:
Lord God, Guide of Our Ways and Giver of All Good Gifts,
You who promise to be a support to the poor and the needy,
We gather this evening in a spirit of joy and gratitude to remember and to honor sisters and brothers who, in special ways have shared in the life-giving task.
Someone has observed that our world will change from the better when there are more people who get into the thick of things and fewer who sit on the sidelines finding fault;
more people who pint out what's right and fewer to harp on what's wrong;
more people who are interested in lighting candles and fewer in blowing them out.
Tonight, we honor those who have assisted Harvest House 
in their own special special and unique ways, 
have been in the thick of things, 
have opened up new opportunities in serving the needs of others, 
have lit some candles.
Through the support in many different ways of those gathered here 
and those honored in particular tonight, 
the tasks of healing and helping those in need by deeds of hospitality, by kindness to a stranger, 
by concern for each other, has been extended throughout our community.
Bless Lord, Linda and Gary, with continued support as they continue to light the way, 
and bless all gathered that we may be challenged through their example, to use with your grace, our talents in caring for all those who especially need to know of your love for them and help us also to be ever equal to whatever tasks we meet.
Bless now our time together in shared food, friendship and festivity.
Church Community -- John Newman Mission
Group Award -- Eighth District Dental Society
Business Award -- Patterson Dental
Patron/Steward -- David Wright, DDS

John Roba from the John Newman Mission Community accepts the Community of Faith Award from Linda Tatu.

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