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Harvest House Superheroes: Leading the Way in Community Care

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Join Harvest House in celebrating 27 years of service in the Buffalo community with an action-packed digital donation drive.

It was March 15, the year 2020. A global pandemic quickly settled on our country and an unfamiliar virus seeped its way into our beloved city. The world as we knew it came to a crashing halt.

The scene was dark and terrifying. Schools and businesses shut their doors. Hospitals filled with those infected and grocery stores became ground zero. People stayed inside only to emerge for the absolute necessities. Face coverings were mandated and even an innocent sneeze sent people running.

Then came a wave of job losses, food shortages, panic, fear, and depression. People had questions and needed help but felt as though there was nowhere to turn. Just when it seemed as if the world was closing in, a group of superheroes assembled, assessing their superpowers. They bowed their heads and said a prayer as they set out with one mission: To lend a helping hand to those living on the edge of sure destruction.

Introducing: Harvest House Superheroes, using their powers to unleash vital safety-net services and fight for social justice. Join us daily as we feature the work of our amazing real-life superheroes and raise vital money to serve our community.

In celebration of 27 years of service and our staffers’ unwavering commitment to serving in times of crisis, Harvest House has decided to forgo our annual gala this year and do something a little different. For the next 12 days, we’re turning to comic book pages: Transforming each of our amazing teams into real-life superheroes for community outreach, healthcare, and social justice.

Why comics? Well, comic books have always seen us through dark times with inspirational, patriotic stories of good triumphing over evil. So grab a cup of coffee, settle into your favorite work-from-home chair, and get ready to meet our amazing Harvest House Superheroes in action.

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