In Memory of Gary Tatu.

Rest in Peace.


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The Word-
If I could, I'd tell you the whole story of how Harvest House came to be a place "where body and soul are nourished" in South Buffalo.
Mark Weber
Lippes, Silverstein, Matthias & Wexler-
In 1993 the Volunteer Lawyers Project called asking me to handle securing tax exemption for a couple selling their home in the suburbs to buy an old church in South Buffalo.
John P. Hains
Attorney at Law
Diocese of Buffalo-
Harvest House has been a place of warmth and welcome for the Youth Department and many teenagers in the Diocese of Buffalo.
Father Gary Bagley
Former Director, Youth Department

Laugh, cry and marvel at the way God worked in the lives of Linda and Gary Tatu, founders of Harvest House, as they struggled to follow His will in their lives.
Lorene Hanley Duquin
St. Ambrose Church-
This book tells the wonderful story of how God has worked through many people to bring about a house that has been a harvest of wonderful things for so many.
Monsignor David M. Lee

Harvest House is like an annex to Mt. Mercy Academy!
Mary Ellen Twist

So many wonderful memories of retreats with my Mount St. Mary girls and Father Gary at Harvest House.
Nancy Strychasz