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The Word
If I could, I'd tell you the whole story of how Harvest House came to be a place "where body and soul are nourished" in South Buffalo.
If I could, I'd tell you the whole story of how Harvest House came to be a place "where body and soul are nourished" in South Buffalo. It's a fascinating story of people living their faith in a profound way, trusting completely in God to get them through the trials and tribulations, and ultimately creating an amazing Christian place despite intense opposition. I didn't sell my suburban home to buy a neglected inner-city church. Gary and Linda Tatu did, and Linda has written a compelling, deeply engrossing page-turner that recounts all the joys and frustrations of making a holy place in a hostile world in her first ever book entitled "Five Years of Faith, the Harvest House Story." God chose the Tatu's to make Harvest House a place where diverse people meet to grow closer to Christ. Born out of a Catholic evangelization retreat weekend called Cursillo, with direction from the Holy Spirit and help from the members of Koinonia, the Protestant equivalent of Cursillo, Harvest House became a reality that has since brought Lutherans, Methodist, Catholics, Episcopalians and many others together in the name of Jesus. Thanks to Gary's background in construction, the Spirit-led couple transformed an old, run-down building (the former South Presbyterian Church at 1782 Seneca Street in South Buffalo) into a place where retreats, basketball games, children and mother-focused ministries, and community meetings have enriched a city neighborhood while also serving as a beacon of light for the entire region. Harvest House was made possible by God, with help from the Tatu's who have given their time, talent, and energy to make something great out of nothing. Much of Linda's book, which is written in a very honest, friend-to-friend manner, concerns the numerous obstacles Harvest House was up against, including many visits from city inspectors erroneously citing code violations. Despite all the negativity and opposition shown by neighbors and the city government, the Tatu's persevered relying on the Lord to get them through. Linda's book is peppered with bold faced short statements meant to give readers encouragement and inspiration for the tough times, dealing with all the devil could throw at them, they are in the proper position to offer advice through Linda's book. One of the recurring statements is one the couple lives by: "Work as if everything depends on you and pray as if everything depends on God." There is story after story in "Five Years of Faith" about how God came through for the Tatus' The book is an excellent example of people living their faith, and being blessed by giving their all to those in need.
Mark Weber

The Word