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Welcome to the new hope education center

"Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel."

Our adult education center offers quality education and training programs and support services for individuals looking for certificate-based training programs that will lead to living wage jobs. Classes are forming NOW for Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education Classes. 


Our vocational training programs provide the technical skills required by local employers.  In addition, students acquire the ability to work in teams and show motivation in their work.  Once students have the knowledge, skills, and attitude, they can move from minimum wage jobs to company jobs.  In doing so, they generally double their earnings and receive fringe benefits. Also, the psychological benefits can be enormous! They may even go on to pursue an Associate's or Bachelor's degree.


Buffalo Public School Adult Education 

  • Allied Health Office Technology

  • Residential Electric

  • Intro to Automation/PLC

  • Hands on Home Improvement

  • Construction Skills

  • Steam Engineering

  • Plumbing

Call (716) 888-7088 ext. 111 or

go online at for class information.

Environmental Justice Corps

 Through the Buffalo Center for Health Equity

Apply online at


 Taught through Catholic Charities

Contact (561) 903-6618 or to sign up


 Taught through Catholic Charities

For more information or to register contact or (716) 349-4113


 Taught through Catholic Charities

Contact (716) 445-9413 or to sign up

Click the button below for more details.

Any further questions regarding classes please call New Hope at (716) 855-0654 or email Josiah Lyon at

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