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Harvest House serves more than 14,000 people in WNY every year, regardless of race, religion or culture, through four service ministries within two locations.

There are three main ministries that make up Harvest House Ministries, all located at 175 Jefferson Avenue.


  • Baby and Children's Ministry  

  • Good Neighbors Health Care 

  • New Hope Education Center

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Baby and Children's Ministry Strengthens support for families living in poverty 

We are the largest provider of children's clothing & other items in the Buffalo area, serving more than 5,000 children living in poverty every year. Families can receive our referral from 200+ social service agencies, health agencies, refugee assistance organizations and Catholic Charities/WIC.

Good Neighbors Health Care
Improves the quality & accessibility of healthcare for the working poor 

Good Neighbors Health Care exists to provide high-quality, compassionate, affordable, and holistic health care services in a medically under-served area of Buffalo. "Holistic" means that the volunteers of Good Neighbors Health Care will do their best to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of patients.

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New Hope Education Center
Provides workforce development for adult learners living in poverty 

New Hope Education Center is a vocational training center for adult students. New Hope joins with education providers to offer quality educational programs to individuals who are either not working or working at low income jobs. Our students get the advanced training they need to earn a living wage. 

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